Wise Company Emergency Food Review: Survival Grab & Go

Wise foods is one of the most trusted names in emergency food storage. They collaborate with Exxon Mobile, who provides their packaging for all their products. This packaging is called Metallyte and provides maximum protection against oxygen and moisture in their sensitive products.

Wise Survival Food’s innovative approach to providing dependable, affordable ready-made freeze-dried or dehydrated products is one of the things that keeps customers coming back for more. They manufacture quality products with not only the best shelf life options, but also the greatest tasting food with the freshest quality ingredients.

General Features: Wise Company Emergency Meals

wise company emergency foodThe 20 pound Wise Company Entrée Grab and Go Food Kit features 30 four serving Mylar pouches, offering a varied assortment of different gourmet entrees.

This is a great option for being able to open one pouch without taking away from the shelf life of the other individual pouches and the buckets not only stack for easy storage, they have a durable handle for easy transport in emergencies.

This particular product has a 25-year shelf life, which is among the best in the industry. A Wise Emergency Food Kit will feed one person for two months or will feed four people for two weeks. All you need to do to reconstitute the food is pour in boiling water and wait about ten minutes.

No pots or pans are needed and you can simply throw away the packaging when you are finished eating. In addition, it’s a way to have good peace of mind in knowing that, in the same space as a washer or dryer would take up, you can store enough emergency food to feed a family of six for up to one full year.

Wise Food Supply Kit Includes:

  • 30 separate entrées in Mylar packages all in one storable bucket.
  • 25 year shelf life
  • Will feed one person for two months, or four people for two weeks
  • A large amount of food entrees to choose from.




Shortfalls: Wise Company Emergency Meals

wise food storage comThere seems to be some concern that there might not be a full four servings in each package as promised. However, considering that sizes and rations are often reduced greatly in an emergency situation, we must take into consideration that many of these entrees or for just that: emergencies.

If you are planning to use these for storage purposes for off grid situations or long term camping, then you could get one and see how it works out for you, then choose accordingly the next time.

There are also allergens to take into consideration. Most of these meals are made containing soy, eggs and other products that might cause an allergic reaction in some people. Caution is advised if this is the situation

One final note, many of the meals in the Wise Company Food Buckets are meant to be paired with some kind of dehydrated meat. For instance, the alfredo meal doesn’t include any chicken or meat.

The pasta itself is still gourmet quality and the best you will find in and of the popular emergency food kits, but I just wanted to make people aware of this. It’s not really even a shortfall, just something to keep in mind as you order a bucket of your own.





Recommendation: Wise Company Foods

wise emergency mealsWise Food Storage Company is, as far as I am concerned, the cream of the crop in the category of survival meals and survival food kits. This of these buckets as the gold-plated of Ferrari class of survivalism. If your family to be prepared to any emergency and not suffer any quality of life from eating rations or energy bars, a Wise Food Busk is the right choice for you. To see how ahead of the curve Wise Company is, just take a look at the other most popular emergency food supply options here.

Wise Food Storage is a company that has a great many people trusting their product and their popularity is certainly on the rise. They boast a 99% customer rating as well as a 100% quality guarantee, so there are really no worries in trying the Wise line of products.

With a longer shelf life than most emergency food companies have, they offer an extensive array of food choices including milk, eggs and gluten free products that are well worth checking out.