Bug Out Bag Supplies: Hand Crank LED Lantern & Flashlight Review


What is it?

This lantern and flashlight by Ivation is a multi-use light and power source that is rainproof and collapsible (see full description here). It is light, portable, and cost effective. It can be brought along on all of your outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or fishing and since it is collapsible, it fits perfectly in your bug out bag. You can also keep it in your home or car in case of power outage or other emergency.



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How do I use it?

water proof lantern for survivalThe flashlight can be used when the lantern is collapsed and it is helpful to light your way or spotlight objects for you. To switch to the lantern, simply pull apart the two end pieces. The light will now be dispersed through the translucent plastic material and light up a larger area. There is both a low and high setting for the lantern and flashlight. The lowlight setting produces 15 lumens and the high setting produces 65 lumens. One lumen can be compared to the amount of light given off by one candle. At 65 lumens, the lantern can easily light a small area such as the interior of a tent.

Emergency power can be generated using a crank on the bottom of the lantern. The crank can power the lantern itself, or can be used to charge other devices such as MP3 players and cell phones. After only 1 minute of cranking, it is possible to charge the lantern enough to give off 11 minutes of low-level light, and 4 minutes of high-level light.

Having an emergency light source is important when you are in the outdoors and can also be extremely useful to have at home in an emergency situation. You should always plan on carrying a light source with you while camping or traveling outdoors and an emergency light is essential to every survival kit.


checkMark Features

  • LED flashlight and lantern
  • Outputs 15 lumens at low-level and 65 lumens at high-level
  • Built-in handle that allows the lantern to be hung almost anywhere
  • 300mAh 3.7v Lithium battery that can be charged with the hand crank or via a DC to USB cable
  • Rainproof rubber finishing to increase durability
  • 5 hours of low light and 40 minutes of high-level light with a full charge
  • Includes DC to USB cable and DC to female USB cable
  • Available in orange and yellow
  • 5 x 3.5 x 2 inches
  • 8 ounces


xMark Cons

The pros outweigh the cons on this little lantern, but lets take a short look at what could have been done better:

  • The handle lacks a clip
  • The lantern is not 100% waterproof
  • It has a short battery life when set to high
  • Charging devices with the hand crank is difficult and slow


checkMark My Recommendation

emergency flashlight for bug out bagsIvation’s collapsible rainproof lantern offers a lot of features for a great price. It is lightweight, easy to use, portable, and water-resistant. This lantern is best for short overnight trips or for as an item in your emergency bug out bag. On an overnight hiking or camping trip, you can use it to light your cooking area or the inside of your tent as the handle makes it easy to hang above you. The flashlight is a great additional tool that will help light your way if you need to walk in the dark.

Everyone should have some sort of emergency lighting option. Whether at home or in the outdoors, lighting is essential for your safety. The Ivation Rainproof Collapsible Hand crank LED Lantern & Flashlight is a simple and cost effective solution.

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