Top 5 Best Non-Lethal Weapons: Non Lethal Self Defense Reviews

The world, for a long time now, has been getting more and more dangerous necessitating a means of protecting oneself more so than in the past. However, not everyone is able to, or wants to, carry a lethal weapon for that protection. Whether it is fear of a child getting into a gun closet or fear that someone else might get their hands on the weapons, sometimes it just isn’t the best choice for some people.

Non-lethal weapons, however, provide a much simpler peace of mind that a great many people are finding preferable in this day and age. With the diversity of these kinds of weapons, it is quite simple to find something that suits your needs and fits into a purse or pack for easy portability. At the same time, it only takes one or two times to learn how to operate most of them.

Another reason a lot more people are turning to non-lethal weaponry is the cost effectiveness. These non-lethal self defense weapons are much cheaper than a gun or something else that can be used for protection, while still giving you the peace of mind you need when you carry it.

So today, we are going to look at five of the best non-lethal weapons available and why they might be exactly what you are looking for. Take a look at the descriptions and you are likely to find the one you need to give you the protection you deserve.

So, what is the best self defense weapon? Let’s take a look.


Here are our Top Picks


Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun Self Defense Kit Review

best weapons for self defenseNext is the Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun Self Defense Kit. It has been designed to offer the same trusted, non-lethal protection of pepper spray, but at ten times the safe distance.

Shaped like a real firearm, this non lethal gun shoots rounds filled with a powdered pepper spray that creates a chemical cloud upon impact, incapacitating anyone in the vicinity. SALT rounds are filled with a chemical that immediately causes temporary blindness, difficulty in breathing and severe impact distress. It has been proven safe and effective by both the US Military as well as the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

It has a range of over 150 feet, versus the 6-10 feet of a regular pepper spray or taser gun. The military strength spray has a shelf life of five years, which is more than double the industry standard. The rounds are powered by safe household CO2 cartridges that are activated by simply pulling the trigger to break the cylinder’s seal. They travel at 320 feet per second, and deliver the same energy as being hit by a 50 mph fastball.

This is an extremely effective tool for non lethal self defense. It is especially helpful for non lethal home defense where you might not be close enough to shoot normal pepper spray or you might not have a clear shot to your attacker’s eyes.

  • Dimensions: Not determined
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds




 Mace Pepper Gun Review

non lethal weapons for saleThe Mace Pepper Gun actually looks like a small firearm, in a matte black finish and comes with a practice water spray cartridge that allows you to practice using it long before you ever actually need to. With a spray range of up to 20 feet, this pepper spray gun gives you the ability to put plenty of room between you and a possible attacker. It also comes equipped with a dual mode LED light for a solid on or a pulsating strobe light that is effective in disorienting an attacker in a dark area.

This is the most accurate non-lethal pepper spray device and it is easy to engage. Pull the trigger once to activate the steady LED flashlight feature, pull it a second time to activate the pulsating strobe light and pulling back a third time will fire 10% pepper up to twenty feet to hit your target while at the same time, marking them with a UV dye. The dye will allow you to identify your attacker without ever having to see their face.

Pepper spray is one of the best self defense tools there is, but you will have to double-check you local laws and regulations, however, because you may need a license in some areas to carry this.

  • Dimensions: 1x1x3 inches
  • Weight: 3 ounces




Kimber Pepper Blaster II Review

self defence weaponsThe Kimber Pepper Blaster II is a handy little pepper spray gun that shoots at up to 13 feet in one tenth of a second while having no blowback, drifting or loss of pressure. Eyeglasses and ski masks will not stop the penetrating effect it has on a would-be attacker and all you have to do is point and shoot.

The Kimber Pepper Blaster features an ergonomic pistol grip as well as front and rear sights that will increase the possibility of hitting a possible assailant. It has a powerful OC mixture capable of incapacitating the would be attacker for a period of up to 45 minutes. A second shot is held in reserve and is available as needed. The forthcoming drive blasts the OC out at 90 mpg, greatly reducing the chance of contaminating anyone other than your target. It is not reusable and is to be disposed of immediately after discharge.

Again, pepper spray guns like this are excellent personal defense weapons, but you will have to check to see if you can carry it legally in your area.

  • Dimensions: 4×1.5×8 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound




Taser Pulse Electroshock Weapon Review

small self defense weaponsFinally, we have the Taser Pulse Electroshock Weapon. The Taser Pulse by Taser International is a subcompact design that is small in size and its pistol shape gives a familiar discreet carry capability. For comfortable concealed carry and to keep it from snagging in the act of withdrawing the weapons, Taser International has added shaved safety devices and angled iron sights. The battery lasts for approximately fifty 30-second firings and it also features an lighted battery status light indicating how much batter power is left. For your convenience, both the battery and live cartridges are replaceable.

This taser gun comes in a handsome carrying case that is durable and compact, which makes it easy to pack and carry with you, either in a bug out bag, backpack or other bag. It also comes with a 12-month warranty as well as a holster for a comfortable concealed carry option.

It is very important to understand that this is NOT a toy, nor is it to be employed for training purposes. Should you decide to use this gun for training purposes, you will want to order special training cartridges, which are blue.

  • Dimensions: About 5 inches long
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds




Strike Spike Self Defense/Counter Attack Tool Review

legal self defense weaponsNext up is the Strike Spike Self Defense/Counter Attack Tool. These come in a three-pack and are made of tough aluminum with ultra sharp spikes. They can attach to the back of your cap and also work on shoelaces or a watch band. The idea behind this weapon is to turn your cap into a weapon. If you are attacked, you simply pull off your cap and start swinging. Many people have even called them “too dangerous” in that they will shred anything they latch into.

On the other hand, however, it is extremely important to note that these are NOT toys and not to be allowed in the hands of children. There is also the slight chance that instead of ending a fight, it could cause one to escalate by further angering a would be attacker. As a surprise attack however, a blow landed on the forehead can cause profuse bleeding, disorient the attacker and give you ample time to get away.

  • Dimensions: 1x2x2 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces




My Vote for Best Non Lethal Weapons

best non lethal self defenseMy favorite pick of these five would have to be the Salt Supply Self Defense Kit. The features on this unit make it the best personal defense weapon of the five, including the fact that it has a further range than any other on the market, and it has a multiple effect on the would be assailant.

First, the speed on the ball hitting the target is the equivalent to being hit with a 50 mph fastball, then when the chemical deploys, the target is then incapacitated for up to 45 minutes. This makes the possibility of the attacker recovering to try for another attack practically nil, giving you a much better chance of escape.

While it is the higher priced option, it is well worth the money—especially given the gravity and importance of self defense.