Top 5 Best Multi-Tools 2019: Survival, EDC Multi-Tool Reviews

A multi-tool is an all in one unit that houses a variety of different tools that can be of use in many different scenarios. Many of them are made to resemble one another and there are others than have their own unique pieces. They are incredibly handy to have no matter what you might find yourself needing a tool for.

Whether you are a backyard fix-it person or you take extended camping trips into barren wilderness lands, you are likely to find a use for a survival multi tool.

One of the best features of the multi-tool is the fact that it takes up just a fraction of the space that you would require if you had each of the tools represented on their own. That would necessitate a full on toolbox or tool belt, and the fact is that some situations just simply do not allow for that kind of space. Especially in survival and emergency situations, an all in one survival tool is very nearly worth its weight in gold. You will come to want it with you where ever you go.

Therefore, with that in mind, we are going to review the top five best multi tools that are available and hopefully you will find the one that will fit your needs perfectly. Add it to your bug out bag, every day carry list, glove box or attach it to your belt so as to have it at a moments notice.


Here are our Top Picks


Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool Review

cheap multi toolFinally, we have the Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool. This stainless steel tool is made from 420HV high carbon steel and features needle nose pliers, regular pliers, hardwire cutters, wire cutters, a combo knife, carabiner/bottle opener and a large bit driver.

This tactical multi tool offers the most needed tools all in a great looking package while only weighing in a mere five ounces. It is the perfect tool for keeping it simple, light, compact and easy to transport. No need in having a bunch of heavy add-on’s that you are not sure you are going to be able to use, when you can have these most used ones readily available.

If you should choose to purchase them along with the tool, there are some optional accessories. They include a bit kit that offers 21 double-ended bits for versatility, new belt sheaths, t-shirts and caps. With such a wide variety, you should be able to find an add on that is just right for you.

All Leatherman products come with a 25-year warranty that provides for refund or replacement and sometimes even repair of the tool, depending on what the problem is. All these things together make for a great peace of mind.




Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier Review

multi tool knifeThe Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier is another multi-tool from the reliable Gerber manufacturer. This tool looks like a military multi tool and is rugged and reliable and can be used in a variety of hunting, survival, tactical, industrial, outdoor or emergency situation. The Diesel offers a thicker than average blade with a versatile half serrated edge as well as a cross-point screwdriver, small, medium and large flat blade screwdrivers, a can opener, bottle opener, file, saw wire cutters and scissors.

This tool also features the Saf.T.Plus locking system for great safety and peace of mind while using the knife and features refined lock and sliding buttons that are easy to use and intuitively place on the handle for easy access. It also comes with a nylon ballistic cloth sheath to protect it while not being used.






Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool Review

best survival multi toolWe look first at the Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool. Made of stainless steel, you will find such necessary tools as spring action needle nose pliers, spring action regular pliers, wire strippers, 420HC combo knife, spring action scissors, package opener, small ruler, can opener, bottle opener, wood/metal file, Phillips screwdriver and small screwdriver.

The strength of this high carbon stainless steel is optimized by high treatment. This item features a handy outside accessible, one hand opening blade with newly designed spring action jaws.

With plenty of handy tools, and backed by a team of great designers, assemblers and manufacturing crew from right here in Oregon, USA, this is a great value.

Being prepared for anything gives you great peace of mind and this Leatherman multi tool is just the tool for it. This is a great, lightweight, pocket-sized tool and covered by the classic Leatherman 25 year warranty.





Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier Review

multi tool reviewsNext, we have the Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier. One of the most trusted names in knife making, this Gerber multi tool is a lightweight open frame design that has a convenient easily accessible butterfly opening. Featuring a Saf.T.Plus locking knife, it contains 12 different tools and comes with a ballistic nylon sheath for protection and carrying capabilities.

Tough, reliable and easy to handle, this multi-tool is engineered to tackle all the toughest jobs in nearly any situation you could think of. Strong, yet lightweight, it offers the durability of stainless steel with an easy open butterfly handle. The Saf.T.Plus locking system is a great feature, as it keeps the tool from closing up on your hand while working with the knife.

In addition to both straight and serrated blades, you have a Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers and everything is spring loaded for ease of use. Hidden away in the handle are scissors, a bottle opener, a can opener, a saw, an awl and a lanyard ring.

If you are looking for a good multi tool and a lightweight multi tool, this Gerber is a great choice.





Cerberuso Multi-Tool Review

best multitook for backpackingThe Cerberuso Multi-Tool is a 14 in 1 high quality versatile locking hand tool that is great for use in a variety of different situations. Whether you are camping, hiking, hunting or in some other outdoor or survival situation, you are going to find many uses for this tool and be glad you have.

Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, this toll features wire cutters, wire strippers, spring-loaded nose pliers, a serrated edge knife, long blade, multiple screwdrivers, a bottle opener and more. Pocket sized for ease of carry, it also comes with a belt pouch and a lifetime guarantee for a refund or replacement in the case of your dissatisfaction.

No matter what kind of job you are tackling, the Cerberuso can help you through it. From assembling furniture, to restringing a guitar, to rigging your fishing tackle, this item has the tool to get the job done. Moreover, it makes a great gift for birthdays, father’s day or any day.





My Vote for Best Multitool for Backpacking, Camping, Etc.

best camping multi toolAs I say with most of my reviews, if a product has made it to my top five list, it is already a good product. None of these are bad, so you really can’t go wrong with any of them. If you are looking for a knife multi tool, they will all fit the bill.

What makes something the best backpacking multi tool or the best camping multi tool is largely preferential and depends on what you will be using it for and in what circumstances.

That said, I do have a favorite.

My pick for favorite of these five multi-tools would have to be the Leatherman Skeleton Multi-Tool. While some of the smaller tools are equipped with only the must-have’s when it comes to tools, sometimes it’s just the better option to have everything you might possibly need with you at all times.

This is especially the case if you are an avid outdoor person or spend a lot of time hunting or camping. Even if these don’t well fit the description of your use for the tool, it still would not hurt to have it, because emergencies happen every day. It is much better to be prepared and not need an item, than to find yourself needing it and not have it available.

In addition to all the handy tool features, there is the upside of having them all available to you in one portable, pocket-sized tool that is easily opened with one hand. It’s also lightweight, which makes it easy to carry on your person, so even if you are left without the ability to take along your bug out bag or backpack, you can still have a plethora of tools at your disposal, just an arm’s length away. And for many people, the fact that the tool is made in the United States is a huge plus.

Manufactured by a company that hails from Portland, Oregon, their people stand behind their product and their 25-year warranty speaks for itself. If your product is defective, it will be replaced or your money will be refunded. That’s a no-worry guarantee you can count on. Leather makes great products; everyone knows it, and this is one of the best Leatherman multi tools on the market.