Top 5 Best Hunting Slingshots: Survival Slingshot Reviews 2019

Slingshots have long been thought of in respect to a child’s toy. Made from a stick that forms a “Y” figure with any form of elastic band attached to it to sling out small pebbles, they are young boy’s best weapon.

However, there is completely new level of survival slingshots that have gone far past the old ideals of what slingshots actually are. Now they are being made as hunting slingshots for small game. They are crafted from fine materials and created so as to be lethal to small animals. If you are hunting and need to be quiet about it, this may be the best, most cost-efficient method by which to accomplish that. A slingshot is a good, compact, and reusable weapon to carry in any prepper’s bug out bag.


Here are our Top Picks

What are the Best Slingshots for Hunting?

There are many different kinds of these slingshots available on the market today, which is why we are going over the top five. We want to show you the options and some of the different features amongst them so that you can make your own informed decision as to which one might be best for you.

Whether you need something large, with stable braces and a large band for accurate hits, or whether you need something small to carry along with you on trips that may or may not warrant its need, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for among these models.

Professional Hunting Steel Slingshot/Catapult by TigerSlingshots Review

hunting with slingshotFirst, we will take a look at the Professional Hunting Steel Slingshot/Catapult by TigerSlingshots. This hunting catapult has an ergonomic molded handle grip, so it is very easy to hold and comfortable in the hand, and it comes with quality rubber bands.

The new innovated power behind the bands makes them incredibly strong, thus making this one of the most powerful slingshots available. The solid steel frame is fully adjustable with extra wide forks that will stay in place each and every time you shoot. It is also easy to adjust, thanks to the one steel screw. Each unit is also 100% professionally tested across every possible function with high quality standards, so you get the best, every time.

The slingshot comes with a wrist/forearm attachment that adds to the powerful accuracy of this product, as does the ability to adjust the yolk length. It is also easy to punch a hole in the middle of the pouch so that when a pellet is loaded it can be perfectly centered. The ammo you choose will also determine the kind of flight it takes. A 3/8” steel ball is a good choice for taking small game at about 25 yards. The bands are replaceable, but should not be left in the sun, as this breaks down the material from which the bands are made.

Please note that you must be eighteen years of age to purchase this item. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee so if anything at all is wrong with the slingshot, you will get a no-questions-asked refund which gives you great peace of mind.

This is probably the best survival slingshot of the bunch.





Marksman 303 Traditional Slingshot Review

worlds best slingshotThe Marksman 303 Traditional Slingshot is next in the lineup. This traditional laserhawk slingshot has tapered hyper-velocity bands and a Talon grip with a molded, finger-grooved handle that allows for added comfort.

This is a great beginner’s hunting slingshot. With a rugged steel yoke, this slingshot will shoot ¼” and 3/8” steel balls or ½” glass shot. Built for sturdy quality, the handle grip can survive some of the most abusive situations and is built to last.

There is also a magnet sewn into the leather pocket, which makes centering a steel shot a little bit easier. However, this magnet can be removed if you would like to use a different kind of ammunition such as small rocks or nuts. One of the best features about this particular slingshot is the fact that you can carry it in your back pocket with ease, unlike some of the bigger ones, and not have to sacrifice the accuracy and speed. The bands can also be changed easily, so stock up on a few replacements for storing in your gear bag.





Homee Professional Outdoor Athletics Triple Force Hunting Slingshot Review

hunting sling shot for saleNext is the Homee Professional Outdoor Athletics Triple Force Hunting Slingshot. Made of stainless steel, it is very durable with a die-case aluminum alloy frame, anti-skid rope and high-tension rubber bands.

This slingshot has great firing accuracy yet it is small and light enough so that portability is certainly not an issue. It is great for a variety of uses including backpacking, hiking, camping, or anywhere you might have the opportunity to take some small game.

With its triple locking band system, accuracy is easy to attain with a little practice, and they give you a good distance through open space. If you would rather use it for some simple backyard target practice, it is great for that as well. Just about anyone can operate it with ease and learn how the bands and pouch work together for aim.





Scout Hunting Slingshot Review

high powered slingshotThe Scout Hunting Slingshot is 100% American made of polycarbonate construction and includes latex flat bands that make use of the trademarked FlipClips.

This high power slingshot was inspired by the award winning Axiom design and represents precision, quality and affordability in an all in one, do it all package. Constructed in North Carolina, the Scout provides an extremely strong and durable frame capable of withstanding repeated use.

The rubber overmold provides a warm and comfortable grip that aids consistency. Any elastic bands will fit it, from OTT to TTF, and the Scout works well with any of them. It comes with an unattached single later latex band and premium leather pouch.





Marksman Classic II Slingshot Review

hunting slingshot reviewsFinally, we have the Marksman Classic II Slingshot. The Marksman has a tempered steel yoke for maximum strength, the highest quality, heavy duty thrust bands and black high impact plastic finger groove handle for a solid and comfortable grip. This slingshot will shoot ¼” and 3/8” steel shot, while shooting some ½” is possible, and is designed for easy storage and carrying.

While this product is great for any user, there is some arm strength required, as the plastic bands are heavy duty and very thick. Since it does not come with a wrist attachment, having enough to strength to aid, pull back and fire can be a bit much for smaller framed or young people.





My Vote for Best Slingshot for Hunting

best survival slingshotOut of these five, my pick for favorite will go to the Marksman 303 Traditional Slingshot. This slingshot seems to have a mixture of all the things that make a slingshot handy to have. It is the best overall slingshot, but not necessarily the best individual one—if that makes sense. As I mentioned above, if you are looking for a more hunting, survival specific slingshot, you can’t beat the catapult by Tiger Slingshots (image to the right). It also has the feel of a tactical slingshot, which many people prefer over the traditional construction.

That said, the compact size of the Marksman 303 affords for great portability, even allowing it to be carried in a back pocket if you should so choose to, or a handy carrying case could be bought that would attach to the belt for carrying.

The molding and grip make a comfortable feel when holding the slingshot, which is incredibly important for taking aim and furthermore, for accuracy. The steel yolk, coupled with the tapered hyper-velocity bands gives this model the ability to sling steel balls as well as glass shot at a velocity that will take down any small sized game with ease.

If hunting is not what you have in mind, this item can still be used in a variety of handy ways, including scaring off predator birds at your bird feeder, such as cow birds and blackbirds, or keeping squirrels from wreaking having on your fig trees or corn feeders. You could simply use it for target practice among friends as a fun activity at a backyard barbecue.

A must have for your gear bag or backpack, you can have it handy, ready and equipped in mere seconds at even the sight of game, whether you were looking for them or not.