Top 5 Best EDC Flashlights 2019: Small, Everyday Carry Flashlight Reviews

A flashlight is one of those items that doesn’t get thought about very often. You might even pass by them in the store and think to yourself that you could actually use a spare one, but all too often you pass them by, thinking that you can always pick that up later.

Unfortunately, however, “later” sometimes never comes and you can find yourself in dire need of one, and there isn’t one around at all. In an emergency situation, a flashlight is the one item you do NOT want to be left without, so make sure the next time you get the opportunity, get one.

There is no substitute for a good EDC flashlight either. Some people might pull out a lighter, when they actually need a good flashlight, only to quickly find that it is definitely not the same thing and never works.

Therefore, we are going to review five of the best EDC flashlights for you to look over and decide if one of them is right for your own personal collection. This is definitely a purchase you do not want to put off. If you do not have one, get one, because being left in the dark is neither fun nor safe and getting caught without one can put you in harm’s way in certain situations.


Here are our Top Picks


Elite Tactical Pro 300 Series Tactical Flashlight Review

best small flashlightThe first model we want to look at is the Elite Tactical Pro 300 Series Tactical Flashlight. This ultra bright EDC tactical flashlight packs a whopping 1200-lumen beam and even features a zoom option that allows you to concentrate light directly at specific areas. Both waterproof as well as shockproof, it becomes the perfect rainy night flashlight, or the flashlight of choice in an emergency flooding situation. It is safe, lasts a long time and is one of the most versatile flashlights on the market today.

This flashlight comes with a rechargeable batter so your worries of ever being stuck in the dark are gone with this device. The battery is designed to be energy efficient, as well as long lasting, so you get the most out of every single charge.

The durability is excellent as it is made of military grade materials. It is great when used for camping, hunting, hiking, during power outages, emergencies and can even be used for self-defense! This flashlight is so versatile, it will be right at home in the kitchen and just as at home in a vehicle trunk, bug out bag, or an EDC bag.

  • Dimensions: 6 inches, extendable to 7 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds




Vizeri Military Quality Cree T6 XML LED Tactical Flashlight Review

best mini flashlightThe Vizeri Military Quality Cree T6 XML LED Tactical Flashlight has a focusing feature that makes this torch of a flashlight almost dangerously bright with an intense beam. It has five modes including high, medium, low, strobe and SOS.

Unlike a cheap flashlight, all the components of the T6 thread into the tube with gold plated springs for corrosion-free connections. It can be submerged into water up to three feet, with military grade aluminum and a hard anodized finish.

The T6 also comes with a lamp diffuser, holster and a D-ring with a carabiner that can turn the flashlight into a hanging lamp in tents, under car hoods or any other place where your hands need to be free. You can also purchase a great deal of accessories as well, including a bicycle mount, a remote tactical switch, weapons mount, an orange diffuser and lithium batteries. You can run the flashlight in low mode on any AAA batteries or on high mode with the lithium rechargables.

  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 4.5 ounces




Supernova Guardian 1300 Professional Series Tactical LED Flashlight Review

best led flashlightThe Supernova Guardian 1300 Professional Series Tactical LED Flashlight is small powerful flashlight that is ultra bright and has a remote pressure switch with BrightSmart Technology. This flashlight also has five operating modes and a self-defense feature that allows it to be used as a blinding flashlight, including a disorienting strobe mode and a stainless steel ridged strike bezel. It is crafted with smooth brushed aircraft grade aluminum alloy for the finish and is housed in a waterproof casing.

The Guardian 1300 series is the latest professional series flashlight with the latest LED technology with unsurpassed performance and capability. In addition to all the features mentioned above, this small EDC flashlight also has a high efficiency booster circuit for extended batter life and a textured anti-slip handle for comfort and stability.

  • Dimensions: 6 x 1.25 inches
  • Weight: Lightweight




American Tactical Supply Co. Pocket Sized EDC Tactical Flashlight Review

best led flashlightsThe next EDC light is a rechargeable tactical flashlight: the American Tactical Supply Co. Pocket Sized EDC Tactical Flashlight. This everyday carry flashlight has a brightness of 800 lumen provided by a 10 watt LED bulb with up to 500 meters of irradiation range. It is powered by an 18650 rechargeable batter and comes with a wall charger.

Made of lightweight aluminum construction, this every day carry flashlight is durable as well as water resistant in design. For tactical situations, it has a handy on and off operation and is pocket sized for easy, every day carry.

This flashlight deserves to go everywhere with you whether it be the car, truck, kitchen, bathroom, bug out bag or nightstand. You might even want to get one for each location. This flashlight comes with a pocket clip for easy access as well as a tactical tail cap button.

  •  Dimensions: 4 x 1 inch
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces




J5 Hyper V Tactical Flashlight Review

best pocket flashlightFinally, we have the J5 Hyper V Tactical Flashlight. This flashlight has a 400 lumen, extremely bright maximum output with an LED bulb that produces intense light with a range of up to 800 feet. It features both high and low beams as well as a strobe light for disorienting possible attackers.

This flashlight means that you can be ready for anything that comes your way. It runs off of three AAA batteries and gives hours and hours of use. Since this unit is heavy duty, compact and tough, it makes it the perfect flashlight for hunting, fishing, camping or any other outdoor activity in which you might find the need for extra light.

This pocket flashlight offers adjustable focus for zooming in the beam and it has been field-tested and given an official “thumbs up” after an all night rescue mission. The J5 Tactical Flashlight is the official flashlight of Joe Gibbs Racing and the Number 19 ARRIS Toyota Camry Nascar driven by Carl Edwards.

  • Dimensions: 4 ½ inches long
  • Weight: 3.7 ounces




My Vote for Best Everyday Carry Flashlight

best flash lightWhat is the best flashlight? As I usually say in my product reviews, you can’t really go wrong with any of these EDC flashlights. If it weren’t a good flashlight, I wouldn’t have included in on this list.

That said, I do have a preference. My favorite pick of the five listed here today would have to be the Elite Tactical Pro 300 Series.

This is by far the brightest light we have looked at with a powerful zoom option that would be extra handy for spotting if you like to hunt, or for checking gig lines and fishing poles during a night fishing adventure and so many other things. The fact that it is waterproof and shockproof makes it stand out, apart from all the others. I know we have all probably dropped a flashlight on a concrete or garage floor, and that is usually the end of it. Shockproof is a feature that really stands out and will be the determining factor in a lot of sales.

It is also a rechargeable, which is another great feature. No one wants to have to lug around batteries if they do not have to, and this flashlight makes that possible.

Just keep it charged up and there are no worries and no changing batteries in the middle of a job or, worse still, and emergency. The fact that this flashlight is made with military grade materials is another feature that offers as much peace of mind as anything else, and the fact that there are no pressurized parts lets you know that in the event that you do have to take it apart, pieces are not going to go flying all over the place.