Top 5 Best EDC Bags: Everyday Carry Backpack Reviews

best everyday carry backpack reviews

Top 5 Best EDC Bags: Everyday Carry Backpack Reviews

Everyday carry bags are important to many people for a variety of different reasons. The serious backpacker knows how important it is to carry items that are or could be necessary in different situations, especially emergencies. They also know the importance of well-placed pockets and cords so as not to have to dig through the entire pack looking for something specific.

Hobby packers are also concerned with a lot of these aspects, as well as being careful about how rain may affect their backpack and whether it is durable enough to be tossed around at campsites. For those who use these as bug out bags, it is of the utmost importance that they have plenty of pockets, plenty of room in those pockets, good durability as well as other features that would make them last a long time.

We are going to look at five different EDC bags for comparison to see how they measure up against one other as well as how they might differ. While one bag may be the perfect size for one, it may be too big for another and vice versa, so we will go over all the features as well as comparing these three main options:

  •             Internal Features: What internal features and pockets are on the bag?
  •             External Features: What external features and pockets are on the bag?
  •             Material: How durable is the bag? Is it water resistant?

At the end, I will give you my personal favorite EDC backpack, but my preferences might be a little different than yours, so always keep in mind exactly what you are looking to use the back for.


Here are our Top Picks

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack Review

best everyday carry bagThe 5.11 Rush 72 Backpack is a tactical EDC bag and is the biggest backpack in the Rush series, specifically designed as a full featured three day bag with plenty of space for any accessories or food supplies you might need during that time. It is created to be incredibly durable, made with 1050D nylon that repels water and can really take a beating.

Created to fit a wide variety of needs from everyday carry, to hunting, to emergency preparedness, this bag is great on the go with enhanced quite a bit of storage and functionality.

You can easily organize your belongings into a variety of pockets and compartments that will remain stable and safe during travel. You don’t have to worry about losing gear or having something get crushed in travel.

One of the best features about this bag is the large “shove-it” pocket on the back where you can quickly cram oversized gear or equipment as well as bike helmets, jackets, lanterns, etc. The internal frame support is a great feature that keeps weight evenly distributed, and the adjustable sternum strap allows for even more customized support and comfort.

  • Internal Features: Admin panel for small accessories, hydration pocket with bladder hanger, side pockets for smaller gear.
  • External Features: Eyewear pocket for glasses or phones, grab handle, contoured yoke, compression straps.
  • Material: 15D nylon, PUx2 water repellent coating on outside, 21D 118T water repellent PUx2 on inside.




Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger Review

best everyday carry backpackNext, we have the Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger, originally created for military personnel and law enforcement professionals that were out in the field. This EDC pack is nearly indestructible and has the unique feature of being able to be swung around to the front while being worn, making for easy maneuverability and easy access to all the contents of the bag.

With a main compartment and a hydration compartment, it is made to swing over the left shoulder for better handling of weapons with the right hand or arm. There are plenty of places to attach hanging gear as well as a water bottle pocket that easily holds a 32 ounce bottle. There is definitely no lack of space or features on this everyday carry bag.

  • Internal Features: Seamless inner construction, main, top and bottom compartments as well as space for a 100 ounce hydration bladder, 618 cubic inches of cargo capacity
  • External Features: PALS modular webbing, top and side handles, paracord zipper pulls
  • Material: water and abrasion resistant nylon, Teflon fabric protection, coated with polyurethane.




Redrock Rambler Sling Pack Review

everyday carry bagsThe Redrock Rambler Sling Pack is another one strap design that swings on over your left shoulder and attaches at the right hip. This everyday carry backpack can be pulled around to the front with ease allowing you hands free access to all the compartments in or on the pack which makes it perfect for hunting, fishing, shooting or emergencies.

The side water bottle holder is adjustable, allowing for carrying of different sized water bottles, and there is a carrying handle right on the top if you’d rather not have it slung across your back. In the latter case, the shoulder strap can be pinned and hidden, out of the way, and still feature easy handling and access when needed.

  • Internal Features: horizontal main compartment dividers, PVC lining
  • External Features: Carry handle on the top, adjustable water bottle holder, adjustable shoulder strap
  • Material: Rugged polyester




UTG Multifunctional Tactical Messenger Bag Review

best everyday backpackThe UTG Multifunctional Tactical Messenger Bag is a small EDC bag and might not be suited for the bug out bag capabilities that the larger bags have, but suits its purposes well.

It hosts a roomy, drawstring closeable main compartment for the bulk of your gear, an interior pocket for keeping some important things separated, a front quick access pocket for things you need at the spur of the moment, and a concealed back pocket with a zipper closure that is perfect for small weapons and other accessories that are best kept out of sight until needed.

While the features are few, they are well placed and easy to manipulate in a variety of circumstances. With this bag, you will know exactly where your stuff is and it won’t take you long to get to it when you need it.

Leaper’s Inc., the manufacturing company, pays close attention to customer feedback and has been making products for hunters, shooting enthusiasts and outdoorsmen since 1991.

  • Internal Features: front, interior and back pockets, interior pocket
  • External Features: concealed zippered rear pocket, adjustable ergonomic shoulder strap for ease of carry, durable construction and stitching for long life.
  • Material: polyester




Small EDC Sling Pack for CCW Review

everyday carry pouchFinally, let’s look at the Small EDC Sling Pack for CCW. The main compartment on this EDC carry bag measures 12 x 8 x 4 inches with front and bag dividers as well as an inner zipper-closed pouch for small items such as keys.

The front pocket measures 8 x 8 x 1 inches and houses a divider, elastic mag loops and a drainage grommet. The front slip pocket is 6 x 4 inches with elastic mag loops as well. There is an ambidextrous shoulder strap with webbing and a buckle that can be concealed in the back.

This little pack can deal with it all, from inner city to desert heat and more; it was created to withstand a great deal of activity. Designed to move along with you, whatever you may be doing, it has padding in all the right places and several pockets that allow easy access to everything you need. It is most often utilized for EDC (every day carry) of CCW (concealed carry weapon) and stands up to the test. It is a great choice as a CCW backpack (concealed carry backpack).

  • Internal Features: convenient pockets with dividers and elastic loops with plenty of storage, internal zippered pouch
  • External Features: rear pocket with button enclosure, ambidextrous shoulder strap, carry handle with neoprene padding
  • Material: rugged PVC backed polyester




My Vote for Best EDC Backpack

EDC pouchMy pick here would have to be the Rush 72 EDC tactical bag, due to its size and functionality. It can be used for the bug out or emergency scenarios as well as having the space for concealed carry and many other items like shelters and sleeping bags that could be needed if caught away from home for a short, extended period of time.

There is also the matter of the water resistance, the rugged wear ability and the comfort straps with an internal skeleton that allows for good weight adjustment. Having everything you need right at your fingertips while being able to comfortably carry it is an indispensable feature of an EDC pouch or backpack.

Of course, if you are looking for the best EDC bag on the market, you can’t go wrong with any of the above choices. The Rush 72 just stands above the rest in my mind.