Voodoo Tactical Mini Mojo Bug Out Bag Review


The Voodoo Tactical Mini Mojo Bug Out Bag is an absolute monster. It will easily be able to fit anything and everything you need in your bug out bag with ease—for multiple people. If you are planning a bug out bag for a full family or a bag with an extended life range, this is the bag for you.





top survival bagcheckMarkGeneral Features

  • Huge Main Storage Compartment
  • 11 Outside Pockets
  • Side Compression Straps
  • Multiple Steel D-Ring Attachments
  • Comes with shoulder straps

This Voodoo back is huge. The bag’s measurements are 31’’L x 15.5’’W x 14’’H. It could easier fit enough gear for four or more people. It is the perfect bug out bag for a family that is looking to be prepared for any disaster or emergency that requires evacuation. It’s also just a great bag for your outdoor gear in general, whether you’re going camping, kayaking, or hunting.

This bag has 11 exterior pouches to store all of your bug out items with ease. And don’t worry if you need some extra space, there if plenty of webbing to attach additional exterior pouches should you need the room.

I know I have faced with many of these large duffle-bag type bug out bags that they are just so big that the floor of the bag tends to sag and slope down to the middle. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem with the bag because the floor of it is nice and stiff and doesn’t sag when you load it up with gear. This is a huge plus for me because you can arrange and organize your gear without the fear of it all crashing it on each other.

One other irritation about large duffle bags of this size is carrying them long distances. You either need to carry them like a briefcase or wear the over the head strap. Thankfully, this bag gives you another option because it comes with shoulder straps, so you can wear it just like you would a normal backpack. This is so great because when you load up a bag with 70 or 80 pounds of gear it’s a lot of work to carry it like a briefcase. This bag you won’t have that problem.






xMarkShortcomingsGo bag review

One main shortcoming with this bag is if you just don’t need the amount of room that it offers you. If you’re looking to assemble a bug out bag for just one or two people, this bag might be a little overkill.

The only other shortfall to this bag is that the compression straps it has only adjust and compress the side pockets, not the main portion of the bag. So if you don’t have the main compartment loaded up with gear, it can get floppy and a bit bulky. This isn’t a huge deal for me because I generally just tie it off or wrap a bungee cord around it, but it would be nice if the compression straps worked the entire bag.



checkMarkMy Recommendation

You really can’t beat this bag as far as duffle bags go. I would buy it just to have a large duffle bag to travel with, but it works absolutely spectacularly as a bug out bag.

It will be able to hold all of the food, water, shelter, and other supplies that your entire family will need in the case of an emergency. If you’re looking for a bug out bag with a little extra room that won’t limit what you can or cannot bring, this is the bag to get.