Urban Survival Bug Out Bag Review

Go bag check listThe Urban Survival Bug Out Bag is a complete kit bug out bag. What’s that mean? That means that it comes with everything in it already. This bag is an ideal gift for someone who you know will never take the time to make their own bag, or if you just don’t want to mess around with creating your own, this one comes as a kit.





Urban BOB KitcheckMarkGeneral Features

  • All bug out contents are included
  • Nondescript backpack that won’t draw attention
  • Extra space for additional personal items

Kit bags come with their pluses and minuses. A huge plus to buying a kit bag is that most, if not all, of the gear that you will need to put into your bug out bag is already there and comes with the bag. This takes all of the planning out of the question and you can be ready to go right away.

Conversely, if you have some specialized items that you want to include in your bug out bag, they won’t always be included, so you might still have to purchase those and add them in.

Like I said above, I view this bag as an ideal bag for someone who won’t ever take the time to prepare and make their own bag. I wouldn’t give it to a survivalist because we tend to be picky about the specific gear that we include. But this was a perfect bag to give to my brother and his wife because I know they will never take the time to prepare, and I know that this bag has enough of the essentials to get them by in any type of emergency situation.

The bag comes with enough items for two people, which is also a plus. It’s not just a one-person bag. Some of the included items are two emergency, reflective sleeping bags, a two person tube tent, two sets of hand warmers (see how everything is in a pair?).

It also has a number of US Coast Guard approved emergency water pouches with a five-year shelf life, water purification powder, a container for purifying water, and two 3600 calorie energy bar..

There is a hygiene kit included with toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, a razor, sewing kit, etc.

It comes with a few very important miscellaneous items too, including 50 feet of rope, a pair of leather gloves, a can opener, and a utility knife. All in all, this kit will keep you pretty well prepared.



xMarkShortfallsGo bag review

As I said above, one shortfall to buying a kit is if you want to add custom items into your bag. This bag, even though it says it has extra room for personal supplies, it doesn’t really have all that much. You can fit a few things in the extra pouches, but you won’t be able to add any big ticket items that you want to see in your bag.

Another shortfall is that the bag itself isn’t the best quality bag. It is a little weak in its construction and not as durable the Condor or the Explorer. I wouldn’t want to take this bag hiking, but it would work in case of an emergency.






checkMarkMy Recommendation

The Urban Survival Bug Out bag is a good kit that is ready to go for those among us not wanting to invest the time in assembling their own bag, but it probably isn’t meant for the real survivalists out there. It will work when emergency strikes, but it might not work as well as other bags on the market.