Explorer Tactical Assault Military Backpack Review

What goes in a go bag

Explorer is a reputable brand in making backpacks, gun cases, concealed carry cases, luggage, etc., and their quality shows through in the Explorer Tactical Assault Military Backpack. This backpack is a heavy-duty backpack that can easily be used as a bug out bag.





checkMarkGeneral Features

  • put stuff in your BOBDurable 600 D Nylon construction
  • MOLLE Strap Compatible
  • Large Main Compartment 20’’ H x 11.5’’ W x 6’’ D
  • Adjustable Compression Straps


This Explorer bag is very durable and is capable of sustaining wear and tear. You don’t have to worry about a strap breaking or this bag tearing in an emergency situation.

It also has plenty of storage space for your entire bug out bag supplies, first aid kits, water, food, shelter, etc. The main compartment of this bag is quite large and roomy. The bag also features six additional pockets where you can store smaller items and keep things organized.

The bag has three handles in case you need to quickly pick up and

OBest Go Bagne very unique feature about this bag is that the shoulder straps and waist belt can be stowed inside the bag. There is a zipper section on the backside of the bag that the straps can be concealed in. This is great if you’re taking the bag traveling and you don’t want the straps flinging all over the place.

Another great feature are the adjustable compression straps on the bag. These compress the bag with its contents securing them in tight and make it easier to run, jog, or hike with the bag.

This backpack comes in a four different colors. I, personally, prefer the black bags. They seem more covert to me, but they also offer the bag in coyote tan, digital ACU, and OD green. I will say that even though I prefer the black, I do like the OD green because it is reminiscent of military issue backpacks from back in the 70’s.





Go bag reviewAs with just about any other product on the market today, this bag does have a few shortcomings.

While the price is right on this bag, it doesn’t have as many “frills” as other bags on the market do. For instance, it only has one main compartment (some bags have two), and it doesn’t have a specific laptop sleeve and other accessories. Frankly, none of those things really matter to me when I’m looking for a bug out bag. I just need a few extra pouches to organize my gear, which this bag has plenty.

The zippers can be a bit sticky and zipping the bag up in a hurry can be problematic.

This bag is also not ideal for larger set individuals. The straps can be a bit tight and don’t adjust large enough depending on your body type.



checkMarkMy Recommendation

This bag is an excellent bag for anyone looking to make their own custom bug out bag. If you are like me and want to assemble your own bag, with your own food, safety supplies, etc., this is a great bag to do it with. It’s a very durable, heavy duty bag with a great deal of space, both very important things when looking for a bug out bag.


The price is also right too. At just under $50, you can’t really go wrong. You can’t find too many quality backpacks under $50 these days, so I highly recommend this bag.