Emergency Survival 72-Hour Bug Out Bag Review

stuff to keep in your go bagUpdate: Unfortunately, Fox Tactical is no longer offering this bag in a kit form, but thankfully they are still making it because the bag itself is a great quality bag. But, going forward, there isn’t a full kit available. I will keep this page updated if they ever start offering it again.

The Emergency Survival 72-Hour Bug Out Bag is a kit bag that has everything you’ll need in your bug out bag and it is ready to go. It’s also a very durable tactical bag that you can add more items to as you see fit.






checkMarkGeneral Featuressurvival-goods

  • Includes 72 hours worth of survival gear
  • Large main compartment, 22’’ x 16’’ x 9’’
  • Adjustable Compression Straps
  • Extremely Comfortable Design


This bag is produced and put together by Fox Outdoor, which is a leading supplier of military, tactical, and outdoor gear. You can therefore rest assured that this bag is of high quality and very durable.

Some of the items in the kits include six 400-calorie food bars, 2 MRE Start Ready to Eat Meals with flameless heaters. The kit also includes 18 4.22-ounce water packets that are U.S. Coast Guard approved.

B.O.B water supplyShelter is also included in the kit bug out bag. The bag includes an emergency poncho, an emergency blanket, two pairs of hand warmers, an LED flashlight, and a magnesium fire starter kit.

A hygiene kit is also included with items such as a respiratory mask, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, and sanitary pads to stop you from bleeding in the even of a cut or gash.

Another great feature in the bag is 100 feet of Gladding Paracord, which is great for tying down your gear, setting up a sheltered area, and fashioning together tools while out in the wilderness.

Even though the bag comes with all of these items, there is still room within the bag and its numerous compartments to add additional items as you may need. After all, all survival bags need to be customized to some degree to fit your own specific needs.

This Fox Tactical bag is extremely comfortable, too. The adjustable shoulder straps can be fit snuggly to your body type and they distribute the weight of the bag very well and very evenly. This makes the bag great for hiking and taking outdoors when you need to bug out.





xMarkShortfallsGo bag review

This bag has almost no real shortfalls in my opinion. If I had to come up with one just to list as a potential problem with the bag it is that the supplies that are included are for only one person. If you are looking to have supplies for a few people or your family, you will need to add more contents to this kit.




checkMarkMy Recommendation

This is probably one of my favorite bug out bags on the market. Not only is the bag itself extremely rugged and durable, it also comes with all of the essentials that you need in your bug out bag to survive. And unlike some kit bags, this Fox Tactical bag has enough room with its well organized and thought out compartments to add some more items if you want to customize it.

And as a side note, this company is a veteran-owned company. Buying a bug out bag from a veteran-owned company is meaningful purchase, in my mind, because it is helping out our veterans.