Condor 3-Day Assault Pack Review

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The Condor Brand needs no introduction. Condor is a very well known manufacturer of bags and other outdoor supplies and has been producing quality gear at affordable prices for years. The Condor 3-Day Assault Pack is no exception. This is a great bug out pack that can be customized to fit your every need. It maintains a heavy-duty construction has a lot more features than similarly prices bags.






Highest Quality Condor Back PackcheckMarkGeneral Features

  • Extremely durable 1,000-Denier Construction
  • Large 3,038 cubic inch main compartment
  • Separate compartment for hydration bladders
  • External compression straps
  • Grommets on all compartments for drainage


check-the-priceThe Condor bag is extremely rugged in its construction and you can really put a beating on it without it noticing. It’s made of 1,000-Denier water/wear resistant nylon, which is regarded as one of the most durable materials being used for backpacks shells today.

This bag has tons of storage in its seven total compartments that can accommodate just about anything on your bug out checklist. The main compartment is a very generous 3,038 cubic inches. It also has strapping and tie downs inside the compartment that keep your gear securely in place. This is a definite plus for me because large main compartments are great, but if there’s no way to keep the contents inside of them separate, they can quickly get disorganized.

Given the huge amount of storage, you’re going to want an extremely comfortable bag to carry all this stuff in. The Condor bag is very comfortable and can be worn for hours without any effort at all. The shoulder straps on the bag wide enough that they won’t cut into you while you are wearing them, and the foam pad back panel gives you some great cushion and provides airflow to prevent sweating.It also featured a hip belt that removes much of the burden from your shoulders and back.

This bag also has plenty of additional frills that you might not see on other bags of the same price.

For example, all of the compartments on this bag have grommets for drainage. This is incredibly helpful when you are putting together a bug out bag because you’ll be storing water in your bag, which can easily get loose or punctured if you’re not careful. The grommet feature helps keep the bag free of sitting water at the bottom of the bag, which could spoil your other bug out items.

This bag also has compression straps that tighten up the bag to its contents. This makes is easier to run or go hiking with the bag because it isn’t flopping around as much.




Go Bag ReviewOverall this is a pretty solid bag, so there isn’t a whole lot of shortfalls to be had, but it does have one minor shortfall. The pull-tabs on the zippers of this bag have a tendency to break off, which if it happens can make it difficult to zip the bag up in a hurry.

Also, depending on your height, this bag may be a bit tall for your body. If you are 5’6’’ or under, the bag may hang lower than you are used to simply because of its storage capacity. I suppose this is the price you pay for extra storage, however.



checkMarkMy Recommendation

The Condor 3-Day Assault Pack is an extremely comfortable bag that can be worn for days. Its shoulder strapping and hip belts are very adjustable and can be fit to your body perfectly.

This bag is a great choice for people looking to build their own bug out bag. Its outer shell is incredibly durable, and its inner pockets and compartments have tons of storage and tie downs to keep things organized.

It also is still very reasonably prices, especially for some of the accessories features that this bag has on the inside, i.e., spots for water pouches, drainage grommets, compartment tie downs. This is a great bag, hands down.