Surviving Anything

The Keys to Surviving Anything

Being a true survivalist is more than just stock piling useless things that you think you will need during the zombie apocalypse or a nuclear meltdown between the U.S. and Russia. Being a real survivalist means that you are prepared for any situation whether that involves enduring a camping trip with family, being stranded in the middle of dessert, or even the end of the world. I am about being a true survivor who is prepared for any kind of encounter life throws at me. This site is dedicated to sharing with you some of the experience I have gained over the years and helping you become a true expert in the art of surviving.



living through anything

Anyone who is going to be prepared for the unknown has to have some type of emergency supplies. These items can be food, clothing, shelter, or even weapons. Some items are big and heavy while others are small and lightweight. I like to think of these supplies in two different categories.

The first category consists of supplies that you keep at your house and are stationary. This could be anything from water jugs and first aid kits to an actual bunker filled with a few months worth of food, toiletries, and weapons. You can think of this as your stockpile or reserve. These are the goods that you store in case of extended bad times.

The second category consists of supplies that you will need if you are on the run or have to leave somewhere in a hurry. Most survivalists call these goods bug out bag items. Think of this like a go bag. You fill it with essentials that you will need for a few days while you are on the run or moving. Then you store it somewhere safe and secret, so it will always be there when you need it. In case you have to bug out, you can grab your bag and take off prepared for the next couple of days.


Training and Skills

tactical training

It’s difficult to imagine that any untrained person would be able to stay alive in the winter elements for a few months. Being able to survive in harsh conditions depends more on your skills and knowledge than it does on your body type and physical characteristics.

In order to become a true survivor, you need to take it seriously and learn many skills that have been lost in our modern culture. Think of it like being a boy or girl scout. You have to learn how to make a fire, build a shelter, and use tools or weapons. Outdoors skills like reading the stars and learning about the movement of the sun during seasons can also be important.

All of this knowledge is what will make you a real survivalist who isn’t afraid of any situation.



living outdoors

Unfortunately, some things can’t be learned, taught, or bought. You need to learn them first hand. When I was climbing in the Alps, one of our team members broke his legs on some falling rocks. It was too late to go back and we didn’t have the proper equipment for his injuries. What do you think we did? We improvised.

Some things happen during adventures that are completely unexpected and no training will prepare you for. These opportunities are a chance to learn and become better in the future. This brings us to the last key.



The Survival Mindset

keeping the right bugout check list

Your mindset, although last, is certainly not the least important. You have to have the will to survive and endure the unknown. Having the proper supplies and training is only half of the battle.  Having the right mindset is your most powerful supplies and skill.